Veteran offensive tackle Jason Peters, 40, agrees to join Dallas Cowboys’ practice squad

Coach Mike McCarthy announced on Monday that the Dallas Cowboys and veteran offensive tackle Jason Peters have reached an agreement for Peters to join the practise squad.

Peters’ addition to the practise squad gives the Cowboys some roster flexibility while giving him time to get in football shape. The 40-year-old Peters was given the all clear after visiting the Star late last week. Only individual drills are anticipated for his first practise with the Cowboys on Monday.

The action was taken after the Cowboys were forced to play without eight-time Pro Bowl left tackle Tyron Smith until at least December due to a torn hamstring that required surgery. In the event that first-round pick Tyler Smith falters at left tackle, the addition of Peters at least provides insurance, though McCarthy insists that the signing of Peters doesn’t speak to Smith’s readiness.

McCarthy stated, “This is about adding depth and bringing another outstanding player into your programme. This will involve bringing in a future Hall of Famer for your football team.

Tyler Smith fought for the starting left guard position throughout training camp; he only began to see action at left tackle during two practises last week. In preparation for their Sunday season opener against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Cowboys will resume practise on Monday.

Veteran offensive tackle Jason Peters, 40, agrees to join Dallas Cowboys' practice squad

Tyler Smith declared last week, “I’m just ready to do what I have to do to help the team.” “I thought it was tragic that Tyron was hurt. It’s just part of football that something unlucky like that can happen to a guy who is a team cornerstone. It was undoubtedly a major shock to the system, and I knew I would have to rise to the occasion and do whatever was required of me.”

Peters, who is in his 18th season, started 15 games for the Chicago Bears last year. He played for the Philadelphia Eagles, a rival team in the NFC East, for the majority of his career (11 years).

Josh Ball did not play as a rookie last season due to an ankle injury, and fifth-round pick Matt Waletzko missed the majority of training camp due to a shoulder injury that will eventually require surgery. As a result, the Cowboys do not have a seasoned backup tackle.

The kind of shape Peters is in after skipping a team’s offseason conditioning programme determines how quickly he catches up. Peters has also experienced issues with injuries. Since 2017, he has only once completed a full season of play.

McCarthy remarked, “It’s clear you have a great deal of respect for what Jason has accomplished in his career.” “Returning to the video of his time with Chicago, it is unquestionably a chance of mutual interest. He would ideally complete his career in Texas.”

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