Michael B. Jordan Trends After Lori Harvey Alleged Private Video Leaked

After Lori Harvey’s purported sex tape leaked online, Michael B. Jordan and she are trending on Twitter.

Since her shocking breakup with Michael B. Jordan, Steve Harvey’s daughter has become a popular topic on social media. She is currently trending online for reasons other than just her beauty. Lori Harvey became popular on Friday as a result of rumours about a leaked private video. We have not seen the alleged video, to be clear, but at least one blogger said she had seen the tantalising portion.

The same blogger claimed to have seen tapes of Rihanna and other prominent women in the media. Although the majority of users on Twitter were unable to verify her claim, it was still enough to enrage fans.

Although Lori Harvey has not responded to the rumoured video leak, it is obvious that some people are searching the internet for it, and the person who started the rumour has reportedly vanished. While criticising some men who are looking for the video online, some female fans have been defending Harvey.

It’s unsettling how many men are looking everywhere for the Lori Harvey video. Why do you feel such pressure to react to something that wasn’t intended for you to see? One woman tweeted that the actions were predatory.

Michael B. Jordan is being blamed by some for the allegedly leaked video. One person said, “Michael B Jordan said enough is enough and uploaded the Lori Harvey tape.”

After dating for a year, Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey split in June. It was a shock when news of their breakup broke because the two had been inseparable for the previous 12 months, winning the hearts of fans who call them couples goals.

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