Judge Gets Death Penalty for Killing, Burning TV Host Wife

An Egyptian appointed authority ought to get capital punishment for the ruthless homicide of his better half, conspicuous TV columnist Shaima Gamal, a Cairo court managed Wednesday.

Gamal, 42, was accounted missing by her significant other, Ayman Haggag, in June. The appointed authority let the police know that Gamal never showed up when he showed up to get her from a shopping center in Egypt’s Giza City, as per neighborhood news sources.

Be that as it may, the case took an upsetting turn around three weeks after the fact, when a companion of Haggag, finance manager Hussein al-Gharabli, handed himself over to the police. As per neighborhood specialists, al-Gharabli admitted that in return for an undisclosed measure of cash, he had consented to assist Haggag with killing his significant other and cover her body in a farmhouse close to the field of Cairo.

After al-Gharabli drove specialists to the site of the internment, a police examination found that Gamal had been beaten with a gun and choked to death. Adding to the awfulness, police said that Gamal’s face had been ignited with nitric corrosive in an obvious endeavor to make her remaining parts unidentifiable. Both Haggag and al-Gharabli were subsequently accused of planned murder — and after around seven days on the run, Haggag was captured in the Egyptian city of Suez.

During the preliminary, al-Gharabli’s legal counselors had claimed that Gamal, who facilitated a news syndicated program called The Troublemaker, had gone after her significant other with a blade, contending that the appointed authority had acted justifiably. The case was at last excused by the court because of the absence of proof.

The frightful occurrence started ruckus across Egypt, where savage violations against ladies allegedly multiplied the year before. Around a similar time Gamal’s body was found, 21-year-old Egyptian understudy Naira Ashraf Abdel Qader was killed in a wounding assault on her school grounds by a man whose engagement proposition she had denied. The high-profile murders have powered requests that the Egyptian government acquaints regulation with control the ascent in orientation-based brutality in the country.

Haggag is set to show up in court one final time in September, where Egypt’s Grand Mufti — a high-ranking representative liable for giving strict legitimate conclusions — is set to support or deny the court’s sentence.

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