A release date for MultiVersus: When Will MultiVersus Be Available?

Ready to play MultiVersus right away? Look up the MultiVersus release date, the Open Beta start time, and the Early Access dates.

MultiVersus Release Date: July 26, 2022

On July 26, 2022, MultiVersus will begin its Open Beta phase, effectively making the game accessible to everyone. Early Access to the game will be available to some players as early as July 19, 2022. MultiVersus will be available with complete cross-play and cross-progression support on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and the Xbox Series X. Everyone who took part in the Closed Beta stage as well as those who obtained product keys from Twitch Drops will have access to Early Access.

The Iron Giant, a new character, joins MultiVersus’ early access launch that day and becomes playable. The Iron Giant, who is typically nonviolent, will have to take part in the fight in MultiVersus.

A forthcoming platform two-versus-two brawl called MultiVersus is heavily influenced by Super Smash Bros. MultiVersus, like its inspiration, incorporates characters from various franchises that are all part of the Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment group. As a result, Finn and Jake receive punches from game characters like Harley Quinn and Batman.

We found MultiVersus to be a very responsive game with sound mechanics and overall enjoyable fighting gameplay in our impressions of it during its Closed Beta Testing Phase. Due to the way MultiVersus handled dashing and dodges, each character feels balanced and roughly has the same chance of surviving mid-air. The characters also differ enough from one another for each to feel fresh and distinct. Finally, the best aspect of MultiVersus is how it maintains coherence throughout despite the characters’ divergent fighting philosophies and artistic visions while remaining true to the fighters’ branding.

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